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Zinc Granules and Zinc Dust or Zinc Powder Precisely Sized
CAS Number: 7440-66-6

Molecular Formula: Zn
Molecular Weight: 65.39

Zinc Granules Suppliers Zinc Dust or Zinc Powder Suppliers
Zinc Granules and Zinc Dust or Zinc Powder Precisely Sized

Specifications of Zinc Dust or Zinc Powder:
: Dark Grey, Fine, Metallic Powder or Granules as specified.
Metallic Zinc: 98.0 Min % by wt
Total Zinc (as Zn): 99.5 min % by wt
Lead (as Pb): 50 ppm Max
Iron (as Fe): 100 ppm max
Arsenic (as As): 5 ppm max
Specific Gravity: 7.1 gm/cc3
Particle size D(90): May be specified as -- Not more than 80 µm. We can also offer as per buyers requirement.

Assay by Titration: Weigh accurately 50mg of the sample and transfer it into 500 mL of beaker. Dissolve it in 5 mL of concentrated HCl, heat if necessary. Dilute this solution with 200 mL purified water and add Xylenol Orange indicator and sufficient Hexamine to produce violet-pink colour. Add a further 2 gm of Hexamine and titrate with 0.05M EDTA solution using magnetic stirrer until the colour changes to yellow. Determine the assay by using the following formula :
Assay  =  ( Burette Reading  x  Factor 3.2695  x  Actual Normality  x  100) / ( Weight of sample in mg  x  0.05)

Zinc Dust or Powder Analytical Reagent
Zn:Atomic Wt 65.39
CAS Number 7440-66-6
NOTE. For arsenic determination.

Particle size: 20-30 mesh
Assay: 99.8% Zn
Suitability for determination of arsenic (As): Passes test.

Iron (Fe): 0.01%
Lead (Pb): 0.01%

Uses : It is used mostly in chemical pharmaceutical and metallurgy industries, including recovery of precious Metals (Gold Refining).

Please visit SDS Safety Data Sheet of Zinc Granules and Zinc Dust or Zinc Powder Precisely Sized Suppliers.

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