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CAS Number: 94-13-3

Molecular Formula: C10H12O3
Molecular Weight: 180.2

Propylparaben Suppliers

Propylparaben USP NF Grade Specifications
C10H12O3 --- 180.20
Benzoic acid, 4-hydroxy-, propyl ester.
Propyl p-hydroxybenzoate

CAS 94-13-3

Propylparaben contains not less than 98.0 percent and not more than 102.0 percent of C10H12O3.

A: Infrared Absorption 197M .
B: Melting range: between 96C and 99C.

Color of solution: Dissolve 1 g in alcohol, dilute with alcohol to 10 mL, and mix (Propylparaben solution). This solution is clear and not more intensely colored than alcohol or a solution prepared immediately before use by mixing 2.4 mL of ferric chloride, 1.0 mL of cobaltous chloride, and 0.4 mL of cupric sulfate with 0.3 N hydrochloric acid to make 10 mL, and diluting 5 mL of this solution with 0.3 N hydrochloric acid to make 100 mL. Make the comparison by viewing the solutions downward in matched color-comparison tubes against a white surface.
Acidity: To 2 mL of Propylparaben solution prepared in the Color of solution test add 3 mL of alcohol, 5 mL of carbon dioxide-free water, and 0.1 mL of bromocresol green, and titrate with 0.10 N sodium hydroxide: not more than 0.1 mL is required to produce a blue color.
Residue on ignition: not more than 0.1%, determined on 1.0 g.
Related substances: To pass the test.

Propylparaben FCC Food Grade Specifications
Propyl p-Hydroxybenzoate
C10H12O3 Formula weight 180.20
INS: 216 CAS 94-13-3

Propylparaben occurs as small, colorless crystals or as a white powder. One gram dissolves in about 2500 mL of water at 25C, in about 400 mL of boiling water, in about 1.5 mL of alcohol, and in about 3 mL of ether.
Function: Preservative; antimicrobial agent.

Identification: Dissolve about 500 mg of sample in 10 mL of 1 N sodium hydroxide, and boil for 30 min, allowing the solution to evaporate to a volume of about 5 mL. Cool the mixture, and carefully acidify it with 2 N sulfuric acid. When the precipitate is cool, collect it on a filter, wash it several times with small portions of water, and dry it in a desiccator over silica gel. The liberated p-hydroxybenzoic acid melts between 212C and 217C.
Assay: Not less than 99.0% and not more than 100.5% of C10H12O3, calculated on the dried basis.
Acidity: Passes test.
Lead: Not more than 2 mg/kg.
Loss on Drying: Not more than 0.5%.
Melting Range: Between 95C and 98C.
Residue on Ignition: Not more than 0.05%.

We also supply Propylparaben of BP Ph Eur Grade.

Please visit SDS Safety Data Sheet of Propylparaben Suppliers.

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