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Undecylenic Acid or Undecenoic Acid
CAS Number: 112-38-9

Molecular Formula: CH2=CH(CH2)8COOH
Molecular Weight: 184.28

Undecylenic Acid or Undecenoic Acid Suppliers
Undecylenic Acid or Undecenoic Acid

Specifications of Undecylenic Acid USP Grade:
C11H20O2 --- 184.28
10-Undecenoic acid.
10-Undecenoic acid --- CAS 112-38-9

Undecylenic Acid contains not less than 97.0 percent and not more than 100.5 percent of C11H20O2.

A: To 1 mL add potassium permanganate, dropwise: the permanganate color is discharged.
B: Place 3 mL of it and 3 mL of freshly distilled aniline in a tall test tube, and heat for 10 minutes at a rate such that the ring of condensate remains just below the mouth of the tube. Cool, add 10 mL of alcohol and 10 mL of ether, and transfer to a separator. Wash the ether solution with four 20-mL portions of water and discard the water washings. Heat on a steam bath until the odor of ether no longer is perceptible, then add a few mg of activated carbon, mix, and filter. Evaporate the filtrate nearly to dryness, and recrystallize the residue from 70 percent alcohol: the anilide so obtained melts between 66 and 67.5 .
Specific gravity: between 0.910 and 0.913.
Congealing range: not lower than 21 .
Refractive index: between 1.447 and 1.448.
Residue on ignition: not more than 0.15%.
Water-soluble acids: Shake 5 mL with 5 mL of water, and filter the water layer through a filter paper previously moistened with water. Add 1 drop of methyl orange, and titrate with 0.01 N sodium hydroxide: not more than 1.0 mL of 0.010 N sodium hydroxide is required to match the color produced by 1 drop of methyl orange in 5 mL of water.
Heavy metals: 0.001%.
Iodine value: between 131 and 138.

We also supply Undecylenic Acid or Undecenoic Acid BP Ph Eur Grade.

Please visit SDS Safety Data Sheet of Undecylenic Acid or Undecenoic Acid Suppliers.

American Molecules, also known as is a distributor, supplier and manufacturers' representative of all types of Pharmaceuticals, Functional Ingredients, Excipients and Specialty Chemicals in Texas USA. Our principals manufacture supply and export USP NF BP, Ph Eur, etc grades of chemicals pure and reagent grade, mineral fortifiers, FCC food grade. Tailor made particle size and customized specifications are offered. The principal's facility is having one or more of the certifications like FDA approval and GLP, cGMP, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO/IEC 17025, ISO22000, FSSC 22000, ISO45001, FSSAI, Kosher, HALAL, COPP, WHO-GMP certified and Written Confirmation (WC) for export to Europe is available. The manufacturers suppliers and exporters observe WHO Good Manufacturing Practices and Good Laboratory Practices.

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