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Potassium Aluminum Sulfate or Potassium Alum or Potash Alum
CAS Number: Dodecahydrate 7784-24-9 and Anhydrous 10043-67-1

Molecular Formula: AlK(SO4)2-12H2O Dodecahydrate
Molecular Weight: 258.21 Dodecahydrate

Potassium Aluminum Sulfate or Potassium Alum or Potash Alum Suppliers
Potassium Aluminum Sulfate or Potassium Alum or Potash Alum

Potassium Alum USP Grade Specifications
Aluminum Potassium Sulfate USP
AlK(SO4)2-12H2O -- 474.39
Sulfuric acid, aluminum potassium salt (2:1:1), dodecahydrate.
Aluminum potassium sulfate (1:1:2) dodecahydrate CAS 7784-24-9.
Anhydrous 258.21 CAS 10043-67-1

Potassium Alum contains not less than 99.0 percent and not more than 100.5 percent of AlK(SO4)2, calculated on the dried basis.

A: Add 1 N sodium hydroxide drop wise to a solution of it (1 in 20): a precipitate is formed that dissolves in an excess of the reagent. Ammonia is not evolved (distinction from Ammonium Alum).
B: Hold it in a non-luminous flame: a violet color is imparted to the flame.
C: Add 10 mL of sodium bitartrate to 5 mL of a saturated solution of it: a white, crystalline precipitate is formed within 30 minutes.
D: A solution (1 in 20) responds to the tests for Aluminum and for Sulfate.
Loss on drying: Transfer 2.0 g, in a tarred porcelain crucible, to a muffle furnace at 200. Increase the temperature to 400 and dry at 400 to constant weight. Cool in a desiccator, and weigh: it loses between 43.0% and 46.0% of its weight.
Heavy metals: the limit is 0.002%.
Iron: Add 5 drops of potassium ferro-cyanide TS to 20 mL of a solution (1 in 150): no blue color is produced immediately.

Aluminum Potassium Sulfate FCC Food Grade Specifications
Potassium Alum FCC
AlK(SO4)2-12H2O Formula weight 474.38
INS: 522 CAS 7784-24-9

Aluminum Potassium Sulfate occurs as large, transparent crystals or crystalline fragments, or as a white crystalline powder. One gram dissolves in 7.5 mL of water at 25C and in about 0.3 mL of boiling water. Its solutions are acid to litmus. It is insoluble in alcohol, but is freely soluble in glycerin.

Identification: A 1:20 aqueous solution gives positive tests for Aluminum, for Potassium, and for Sulfate.
Assay: Not less than 99.5% and not more than 100.5% of AlK(SO4)2-12H2O.
Ammonium Salts: Passes test.
Fluoride: Not more than 0.003%.
Lead: Not more than 3 mg/kg.
Selenium: Not more than 0.003%.

Aluminum Potassium Sulfate Dodecahydrate Analytical Reagent Grade Specifications
Potash Alum
Formula Weight 474.39
CAS Number 7784-24-9

Assay: 98.0-102.0% AlK(SO4)2-12H2O

Insoluble matter: 0.005%
Chloride (Cl): 5 ppm
Ammonium (NH4): 0.005%
Heavy metals (as Pb): 0.001%
Iron (Fe): 0.001%
Sodium (Na): 0.02%

Potassium Aluminum Sulfate or Potassium Alum or Potash Alum is also supplied in BP Ph Eur Grade.

Please visit SDS Safety Data Sheet of Potassium Aluminum Sulfate or Potassium Alum or Potash Alum Dodecahydrate Anhydrous Suppliers.

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