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Magnesium Oxide
CAS Number: 1309-48-4

Molecular Formula: MgO
Molecular Weight: 40.30

Magnesium Oxide Suppliers
Magnesium Oxide

Magnesium Oxide USP Grade Specifications:
MgO 40.30
Magnesium oxide CAS 1309-48-4

Magnesium Oxide, after ignition, contains NLT 96.0% and NMT 100.5% of magnesium oxide (MgO).

A. Identification Tests-General, Magnesium: A solution in diluted hydrochloric acid meets the requirements.

To pass the test.
Acceptance criteria: 96.0% to 100.5% after ignition.

Free Alkali and Soluble Salts:
Sample solution: Boil 2.0 g with 100 mL of water for 5 min in a covered beaker, and filter while hot. Allow to cool and dilute with water to 100 mL.
Analysis 1: To 50 mL of the Sample solution add methyl red and titrate with 0.10 N sulfuric acid.
Acceptance criteria 1: NMT 2.0 mL of the acid is consumed.
Analysis 2: Evaporate 25 mL of the remaining Sample solution to dryness, and dry at 105C for 1 h.
Acceptance criteria 2: NMT 10 mg of residue remains (NMT 2.0%).
Acid-Insoluble Substances:
Sample: 2 g
Analysis: Mix the Sample with 75 mL of water, add hydrochloric acid in small portions with agitation until no more dissolves, and boil for 5 min. If an insoluble residue remains, filter, wash well with water until the last washing is free from chloride, and ignite.
Acceptance criteria: The weight of the ignited residue is NMT 2 mg (NMT 0.1%).
Limit of Calcium: to pass the test.
Iron: to pass the test. --- NMT 0.05%
Loss on Ignition:
Sample: 500–1000 mg
Analysis: Transfer the Sample to a tared platinum crucible and ignite in the temperature range of (800C to 900C) ± 25C to constant weight.
Acceptance criteria: NMT 10.0%
Bulk Density and Tapped Density of Powders, Bulk Density: Using the procedure specified in the chapter, determine the bulk density of Magnesium Oxide.

Magnesium Oxide FCC Food Grade Specifications
MgO Formula wt 40.30
INS: 530 CAS: [1309-48-4]

Magnesium Oxide occurs as a very bulky, white powder known as Light Magnesium Oxide or as a relatively dense, white powder known as Heavy Magnesium Oxide. Five grams of Light Magnesium Oxide occupies a volume of approximately 40 to 50 mL, while 5 g of Heavy Magnesium Oxide occupies a volume of approximately 10 to 20 mL. It is soluble in dilute acids, practically insoluble in water, and insoluble in alcohol.
Function: pH control; neutralizer; anticaking agent; freeflowing agent; firming agent.

Labeling: Indicate whether it is Light Magnesium Oxide or Heavy Magnesium Oxide.
Identification: A solution of sample in 2.7 N hydrochloric acid gives positive tests for Magnesium.
Assay: Not less than 96.0% and not more than 100.5% of MgO after ignition.
Acid-Insoluble Substances: Not more than 0.1%.
Alkalies (Free) and Soluble Salts: Passes test.
Arsenic: Not more than 3 mg/kg.
Calcium Oxide: Not more than 1.5%.
Lead: Not more than 4 mg/kg.
Loss on Ignition: Not more than 10.0%.

Specifications of Magnesium Oxide Analytical Reagent Grade
Formula Wt 40.30
CAS Number 1039-48-4

Assay: 95.0% MgO

Insoluble in dilute hydrochloric acid: 0.02%
Water-soluble substances: 0.4%
Loss on ignition: 2.0%
Ammonium hydroxide precipitate: 0.02%
Chloride (Cl): 0.01%
Nitrate (NO3): 0.005%
Sulfate and sulfite (as SO4): 0.02%
Barium (Ba): 0.005%
Calcium (Ca): 0.05%
Manganese (Mn): 5 ppm
Potassium (K): 0.005%
Sodium (Na): 0.5%
Strontium (Sr): 0.005%
Heavy metals (as Pb): 0.003%
Iron (Fe): 0.01%

We also supply Magnesium Oxide of BP Ph Eur Grade.

Please visit SDS Safety Data Sheet of Magnesium Oxide Suppliers.

American Molecules, also known as is a distributor, supplier and manufacturers' representative of all types of Pharmaceuticals, Functional Ingredients, Excipients and Specialty Chemicals in Texas USA. Our principals manufacture supply and export USP NF BP, Ph Eur, etc grades of chemicals pure and reagent grade, mineral fortifiers, FCC food grade. Tailor made particle size and customized specifications are offered. The principal's facility is having one or more of the certifications like FDA approval and GLP, cGMP, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO/IEC 17025, ISO22000, FSSC 22000, ISO45001, FSSAI, Kosher, HALAL, COPP, WHO-GMP certified and Written Confirmation (WC) for export to Europe is available. The manufacturers suppliers and exporters observe WHO Good Manufacturing Practices and Good Laboratory Practices.

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