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Cobalt Gluconate Anhydrous and Hydrate
CAS Number: 71957-08-9 Anhydrous and 1809162-99-9 Dihydrate

Molecular Formula: C12H22CoO14 Anhydrous
Molecular Weight: 449 Anhydrous

Cobalt Gluconate Anhydrous and Hydrate Suppliers
Cobalt Gluconate Anhydrous and Hydrate

Specifications of Cobalt Gluconate
Description: Rosy pink or pinkish red crystalline or granular powder.
Solubility: Soluble in water, Freely soluble in boiling water.
Appearance (Clarity) of 5 % solution in boiling water: Clear to nearly clear.
Colour of 5 % w/v solution in boiling water: Pink red / wine red colour.
pH of the above solution at 25C: Between 5.0 - 7.5
Chloride: 500 ppm maximum.
Sulphate: 500 ppm maximum.
Barium: To be absent.
Reducing substances: 1% maximum.
Heavy metals: 20 ppm maximum.
Arsenic: 2 ppm maximum.
Loss on drying (on 1g, at 105°C, for 2 hrs): 5.0 % w/w maximum.
Assay (On dried basis): 95.0 % - 102.0 %
Cobalt content (On dried basis): 11.6 % - 12.4 %
Total Viable Aerobic Count: 1000 cfu/g maximum.
Total fungus: 100 cfu/g maximum.
Escherichia Coli: Absent in 10g
Salmonella: Absent in 10g
Staphylococcus Aureus: Absent in 10g
Pseudomonas Aeruginosa:   Absent in 10g.

Cobalt Gluconate anhydrous and hydrate or dihydrate are supplied.

Please visit SDS Safety Data Sheet of Cobalt Gluconate Anhydrous and Hydrate Suppliers.

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